Technical solutions that represent how professional your business is.

Systems & Technology

All the details matter and every decision is one step forward towards your business success. From setting up your email account, buying a new domain to deciding the best infrastructure – ONDA will pave the way towards building your business reputation while always being cost conscious.

There have been huge advances in online systems software available to business over recent years, largely due to the introduction of cloud computing and a push from developers to easily integrate across platforms. This presents a fantastic opportunity for smaller businesses to benefit from affordable and adaptive business systems and software that were previously reserved for the large corporations that could invest heavily in their own infrastructure.


In any modern business email is essential. In an affordable way, we can help you set-up an infrastructure that is professional, secure, reliable and scalable.


A custom domain really makes you stand out in terms of professionalism.  It gives you increased credibility and can even help with SEO and analytics. We can guide you through the process to having your own domain linked with a website and email infrastructure.

Cloud storage

Leveraging cloud storage solutions to store your businesses data on secure, recoverable cloud servers can be a very powerful tool. Your data can be available on any device, at any time, any where.


Modern cloud based accounting systems like Sage & QuickBooks, can make book-keeping, payroll and financial reporting an incredibly efficient and simple process. Link you bank accounts and credit cards and make tedious data entry a thing of the past.

BMS | Business management systems

Unlock the vast potential cloud based integrated software can bring to your business. We can help you automate and streamline business processes, to save you time and money whilst also improving customer experience.

POS | Point of sale

Could your business benefit from the advances in app based POS systems? The once expensive hardware dependent systems are being replaced with affordable apps that work with mobile devices and tablets. We can help you find the professional system to accept payments, monitor sales, manage stock and manage staff without having to invest in expensive hardware.

CRM | Customer relationship management

Manage current and potential customers more efficiently with a system that helps you better connect with customers, streamline your processes and ultimately increase sales.