ONDA focuses on delivering the highest level of service and impact at an affordable price.

‘We love working with small businesses’

Tailored for small size companies and startups, our expertise allows you to focus on your core business activities while we support you elsewhere. What makes ONDA special is the broad nature of what we have to offer your business, we are a full service digital marketing agency also specialising in the more technical solutions available to your business. We help build foundations that are scalable, so your business can grow without hitting the obstacles faced by many small businesses.

Results driven

We want to see your business thrive. We will deliver on time, in budget and with results that will exceed expectations.


We are passionate about capturing what makes businesses special and using our creative expertise to showcase it to the world.

Technology that will transform your business

We ensure our clients are making the most of the latest in advances in technology, to help you become more efficient, profitable and prepared for future growth.

Transparency and adaptability

We work with all of our clients to offer perfect fit solutions for their business, always at a cost effective price, with complete transparency.